Pick-Up and Delivery or Not?

Resale Makeover Q & APick-Up and Delivery or Not?
Resale Makeover Staff asked 2 years ago

What is your experience with pick-up and delivery? How does not offering the service effect your sales. 
How does offering it help your sales people close deals?

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Kevin Beasley Staff answered 2 years ago

We have been offering pick-up and delivery for six years now. I am considering whether to use a third party or continue to offer it in house.  It is a break even venture for us and our customers seem to be very appreciative.  However, it takes a lot of time and energy from my front desk staff.  My fear is that with a third party I am releasing a measure of control of the quality of the deliveries. Also, I wonder if the fact that transport will be less convenient if it will negatively affect my sales. Any thoughts?