Have you ever fired a consignor?

Resale Makeover Q & ACategory: General ConsignmentHave you ever fired a consignor?
Resale Makeover Staff asked 2 years ago

Have you ever had to fire a consignor?  What led up to asking them to not come back? How did you handle the hard conversation? What would you do differently?

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Kevin Beasley Staff answered 2 years ago

I have fired 3 consignors in six years.  They have to take things very far for me to ask them not to return, or at least not to bring anything in for consignment.  Of those 3, I have reconciled with 2 and taken things from them after they assured me that we wouldn’t have problems again.  I now have good relationships with those 2 folks.  
The issue that led up to all 3 of those instances had to do with how they treat my employees.  I train my folks well and trust them. In response to their loyalty to me I will stand behind them if they are being abused by a customer and I know it is not their fault.
The most effective way I deal with a problem consignor is through written letters.  I am able to keep my emotions under control when I write and say exactly what I want to say.  I take some of the blame and explain that it’s just best if we choose not to work together in the future. 
I will do the same thing again if I need to and I don’t regret my actions.  We treat so many people so well, that it is not necessary for us to be mistreated.  The key is to make sure that you have a whole bunch of credit saved up in your customer relation bank before you pull the trigger on something that could possibly turn into a liability.  
What about you guys?