Personality Profiling in Your Consignment Business

Personality Profiling in the Consignment Business

I hired her to manage our online presence. She was fun, outgoing, sociable, and inspiring. I thought that would translate well to our social media and web outlets. What I failed to assess was her motivation to see results. In her short tenure at our consignment store, she lived up to her personality profile.  She…


Our Top 4 Factors that Lead to Customer Loyalty

factors that lead to customer loyalty

Meet the Jones’ There were the Jones’, who came in at least a dozen times before they ever made a purchase. And every time I saw them coming I would try to find something else that had to be done immediately so I could exit through the back door. Ladies and Gentlemen, Kevin has left…


How Does Consignment Work to Make Better Communities?

How Does Consignment Work

It’s Saturday morning and I arrive at my small furniture consignment shop in Auburn, AL still trying to wake up after my morning coffee.  A truck is backed up to the front door with a few pieces of furniture in tow. “We sent you an email earlier this week and you said that you could help us with our…


Book Review: The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni

the advantage by patrick lencioni

Over the course of the past 8 years, I have become enthralled with Patrick Lencioni’s (pronounced Lin-choni’s) series of parables for the business leader. These easy to read, engaging short stories lay out principles that will help a business and it’s leaders become healthy. The first book I read in Pat’s series was”The Five Dysfunctions of…