The Tracking Tool that Changed the Way I Do Consignment

the tracking tool that changed the way I do consignment

Before I share with you the tracking tool that changed the way I do consignment, let me tell you a short story. I am committed to resale. My entire family is committed to resale. I depend on it as the primary source of income for my family. I also depend on it to keep our…


How Does Consignment Work to Make Better Communities?

How Does Consignment Work

It’s Saturday morning and I arrive at my small furniture consignment shop in Auburn, AL still trying to wake up after my morning coffee.  A truck is backed up to the front door with a few pieces of furniture in tow. “We sent you an email earlier this week and you said that you could help us with our…


Book Review: The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni

the advantage by patrick lencioni

Over the course of the past 8 years, I have become enthralled with Patrick Lencioni’s (pronounced Lin-choni’s) series of parables for the business leader. These easy to read, engaging short stories lay out principles that will help a business and it’s leaders become healthy. The first book I read in Pat’s series was”The Five Dysfunctions of…


Gratitude in Resale and Consignment

Gratitude in Resale and Consignment

It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude, but gratitude that brings us happiness.  -anonymous One of the richest “natural resources” in life is the group of people that we interact with daily.  Some of those folks we choose, while others come by chance.  Do the hard work of being filled with gratitude for the folks who…


Seasons of Life: Pain and Hope

seasons of life pain and hope

Seasons of Life in Resale Fall symbolized change.  As I walked through and saw all the vivid colors that signal the coming of change, I thought about all the folks who walk through our resale shops each day. The nature of what we do introduces us to a whole bunch of folks going through minor and…


Made in Occupied Japan

made in occupied japan

New Leaf has Occupied Japan Dishes in store, and are seen as a collectors item because of the rare “Made in Occupied Japan” stamp.


How to Clean Leather

how to clean leather

How to clean leather is a question we bump up against often in our day to day interaction at New Leaf. Deb McGonagle, our friend and POS provider over at Traxia (click to visit), emailed us a recipe for a DIY leather cleaner. Thanks Deb, I’m sure our readers thank you as well! If you are…


When is the best time to sell at a consignment store?

when is the best time to sell at a consignment store

One of the questions I hear more often than others at our furniture consignment store is, “What is the best time of year to sell furniture?” That’s a great question to tackle this week on Backstage at the Leaf. The short answer is that any time is a great time to sell at a furniture…


Consignment Furniture: Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Items

get the most out of your consignment

How to get the most out of your consignment furniture? We’ve been in the business now for almost four years at New Leaf Furniture Galleries.  We’ve learned a few things in that time.  There’s been some hard lessons and a few things we’ve found that we actually do right. One thing I’ve noticed over our…


Eastlake Furniture Once Over: 1890 Eastlake Chest

eastlake furniture

Hey Guys!  Welcome to our educational feature where we give a piece of inventory the once over so that you can learn more about the stories of the stuff that ends up in our store.  Each “Once-Over” will have a video at the end to give you a visual of what we share in this…


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