Tips for Inventory Screening in Consignment

tips for inventory screening in consignment

She was not only 85 years old, but was also a dear neighbor of mine. She called the store and left a message for me to stop by her house and see if I could help her liquidate some things as she was about to transition to a care home. My heart sunk because I knew…


The Power of the Landing Zone

consignment shop landing zone

Beware the “Landing Zone” The following “Landing Zone” tips are adapted from Paco Underhill’s book, “Why We Buy.” Imagine yourself circling the parking lot of a store you’ve never shopped in before. The temperature outside is 92 and the parking lot is packed. You are wondering if the visit is worth the investment of time and…


Consignment Furniture: Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Items

get the most out of your consignment

How to get the most out of your consignment furniture? We’ve been in the business now for almost four years at New Leaf Furniture Galleries.  We’ve learned a few things in that time.  There’s been some hard lessons and a few things we’ve found that we actually do right. One thing I’ve noticed over our…