Seasons of Life: Pain and Hope

seasons of life pain and hope

Seasons of Life in Resale

Fall symbolized change.  As I walked through and saw all the vivid colors that signal the coming of change, I thought about all the folks who walk through our resale shops each day.

The nature of what we do introduces us to a whole bunch of folks going through minor and major changes in life.  Folks liquidate home goods when change is coming.  Shoppers buy furniture when they are moving into a new home.  Our elderly friends downsize when they no longer need the space they once occupied.  Change in life is inevitable and we are so thankful for the opportunity we have each day to ease the stress of change and share in the excitement of new seasons!

When fall arrives, leaves fall… loss occurs.  And although the season at hand may be followed by a wintry valley of

Seasons of Lifeemptiness, Spring is coming!  Change allows us opportunities to put the past behind.  Changing seasons gives us a new vision for the hope of Spring.

As a co-laborer in this industry which watches seasons of life change every single day, I encourage you to believe that the loss of the past will lead to the hope of the future!

I encourage you to make appropriate adjustments in your life that will help you be a helping hand to those who are entering into some of these tough seasons of loss and change.

May your fallen leaves leave you with inspired hope for what is to come!

Kevin Beasley
Sophisticating and Systematizing the Resale Industry