How Does Consignment Work to Make Better Communities?

How Does Consignment Work

It’s Saturday morning and I arrive at my small furniture consignment shop in Auburn, AL still trying to wake up after my morning coffee.  A truck is backed up to the front door with a few pieces of furniture in tow.

“We sent you an email earlier this week and you said that you could help us with our furniture.”

“Absolutely, I’m glad we can help” I say, wishing I would have stretched more that morning in preparation for the unloading process.

“Are you moving out of town?” I ask.

“No, my wife’s mother died a couple months ago and we have sold the house and we have to have this out by Monday.”

As I console this young man for his loss, I remember why I am so thankful that I work in an industry that makes a difference in the lives of the people with whom we do business.

How does consignment work to make better communities ?

These are the top 3 reasons I think consignment makes communities better.


Consignment takes us back to our roots: people doing business with does consignment work

The thing I’ve learned through the economic struggles of the past decade is to lean on my friends and family.  We must support one another in order to survive the challenges of life.  Doing business with our neighbors is a real way that we can keep our resources working for our community.  Consignment is a wonderful platform for sharing and giving which is the foundation of a healthy society.


Consignment helps people at the most significant transitions of life.

A large majority of the folks who walk through our doors each day are in the middle of some of the most stressful transitions in life.  We see folks who are moving from house to house, sending their children to college and becoming empty-nesters, grieving the loss of a loved one, moving an elderly parent to a care home, getting married, having babies, and many more transitional experiences.  We get a chance to look them in the face and say, “You can do it, just hang in there and take it a day at a time.”


Consignment is real life environmental.

In the consignment industry, we don’t just talk about recycling, we live it! We have created a platform in which people can re-use in a practical way. We’re putting our money where our mouth is.


If you haven’t done so already, click here and google consignment shops in your area!

Consignment is the real deal and it is here to stay. -Kevin E Beasley

  • kevinbeasley

    How do you feel about the resale industry and what additional benefits do you see?

  • Janna Botello

    I was raised by a Mother that went to garage sales and shopped thrift stores. We never minded. My children are young adults and shop resale, thrift and garage sales. The industry has been gaining more respectability among the mainstream customer. This seems to me more than a trend.

    • I agree Janna! It’s exciting to be part of the industry! I wouldn’t trade it for anything!