When is the best time to sell at a consignment store?

when is the best time to sell at a consignment store

One of the questions I hear more often than others at our furniture consignment store is, “What is the best time of year to sell furniture?”

That’s a great question to tackle this week on Backstage at the Leaf.

The short answer is that any time is a great time to sell at a furniture consignment store.

Usually, when shopping is light, consignments are light as well. And when consignment is heavy, shopping is heavy.

Selling anything is a matter of simple economics.  The best sales happen when supply is low and demand is high.

In the furniture market, supply is low when the least number of people are moving from house to house.  Mid-January through March is when most folks stay put, therefore consignment stores have a shorter supply.  However, that is also the time that folks are not buying as many home goods.

On the other hand, demand is highest in the Summer months when families are shifting from place to place and there is more time to “fix up” the house.  That is also the time when the supply is the highest.

So in the simple equation of supply and demand either of those scenarios fit one side, but not the other.

So that makes anytime a good time to sell your extra home goods.

With that said, if you asked me again when the best time to sell is, I would say late August or mid-November to mid-December.

In late August there are still tons of folks filling holes in their new homes with high quality used items that they can find on consignment from 40-70% less than retail.

In mid-November to mid-December shoppers are prepping their home for holiday guests, but there are fewer people getting rid of extra pieces.

So that’s my answer to one of the most commonly asked questions in the consignment furniture market.

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Happy shopping… and selling!

-Kevin Beasley, owner of New Leaf Galleries

The best times to sell at a furniture consignment store