Made in Occupied Japan

made in occupied japan

If you’re wondering what Made in Occupied Japan means, I’m here to help! Every time I step into New Leaf, I learn something new. Whether it’s the history of a leather couch made in the 1600’s or the history behind a beautiful set of “Occupied Japan” dishes, there is never a dull moment in this store. Just the other day, I stumbled upon a beautiful set of teacups and saucers that were marked with “Made in Occupied Japan.” I quickly went to Google to teach myself a little more…

According to The Office of the Historian, The United States occupied Japan post WWII, from 1945-1952. It was during this era that dishes made in Japan were stamped with “Occupied Japan.” Here at New Leaf we’re known to have one of a kind items, and that can certainly be said about these beautiful dishes. Now, many of you may be wondering if this special mark adds monetary value to the dishes, and the answer is yes!

Many dishes made during that time period were only marked with “Japan” and “Made in Japan” and are of no interest to collectors. Gene Florence, who has stayed invested in finding rare “Occupied” pieces wrote a book about the value of different “Occupied Japan” pieces. Like the saucers seen in the header, here are a few pieces of “Made in Occupied Japan” dishes we have in store!

 A quaint teacup with the collectible stamp, “Made in Occupied Japan”.

Occupied Japan Teacup

Made in Occupied Japan Teacup

The saucer belonging to the teacup.

Made in Occupied Japan Saucer

What the front of these saucers look like- beautiful!

Beautiful “Made in Occupied Japan” Saucers!