Personality Profiling in Your Consignment Business

Personality Profiling in the Consignment Business

I hired her to manage our online presence. She was fun, outgoing, sociable, and inspiring. I thought that would translate well to our social media and web outlets. What I failed to assess was her motivation to see results. In her short tenure at our consignment store, she lived up to her personality profile.  She…


Tips for Inventory Screening in Consignment

tips for inventory screening in consignment

She was not only 85 years old, but was also a dear neighbor of mine. She called the store and left a message for me to stop by her house and see if I could help her liquidate some things as she was about to transition to a care home. My heart sunk because I knew…


Consignment Contract: The Key to Satisfied Consignors

consignment contract consignor contract

She walked in on a Monday morning after a long hard weekend trying to manage family issues that were unmanageable.  Her son, in his early twenties, had been arrested for a DUI and she had to bail him out of jail… again. She was broke and it was coming up on consignor payout day at…


Managing the Markdown Schedule

managing markdown schedule

Managing the Markdown Schedule in Your Consignment Store Having been in the consignment business for several years, you would think that I have heard of every markdown schedule out there.  Well, today I was introduced to one that I haven’t heard before!  In a casual conversation at a business meeting, a gentleman told me that his…


Made in Occupied Japan

made in occupied japan

New Leaf has Occupied Japan Dishes in store, and are seen as a collectors item because of the rare “Made in Occupied Japan” stamp.


How to Clean Leather

how to clean leather

How to clean leather is a question we bump up against often in our day to day interaction at New Leaf. Deb McGonagle, our friend and POS provider over at Traxia (click to visit), emailed us a recipe for a DIY leather cleaner. Thanks Deb, I’m sure our readers thank you as well! If you are…


When is the best time to sell at a consignment store?

when is the best time to sell at a consignment store

One of the questions I hear more often than others at our furniture consignment store is, “What is the best time of year to sell furniture?” That’s a great question to tackle this week on Backstage at the Leaf. The short answer is that any time is a great time to sell at a furniture…


Eastlake Furniture Once Over: 1890 Eastlake Chest

eastlake furniture

Hey Guys!  Welcome to our educational feature where we give a piece of inventory the once over so that you can learn more about the stories of the stuff that ends up in our store.  Each “Once-Over” will have a video at the end to give you a visual of what we share in this…


Brilliant Cut Glass Primer

brilliant cut glass

Glass products have served the human race for about 3,500 years.  Some of the most beautiful pieces are those that are decorated by cutting. What is cut glass? According to the American Cut Glass Association , “Cut glass” is glass that has been decorated entirely by hand by use of rotating wheels. Cuts are made in an…


Vaseline Glass – Watch it Glow

vaseline glass

Since we’ve opened our upstairs store, Kevin has told me to be on the lookout for “Vaseline Glass.” He told me it was sometimes yellowish-green just like the color of Vaseline, but other pieces could look more green; he promised me that I would know it when I saw it. He bought a black light…