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Layaway in the Consignment Store. Profit or Pain?

layaway in the consignment store

Layaway in the Consignment Store “I really, really like this piece, but I don’t get paid until next Friday. I would love to get it before it’s gone. Do you have a layaway plan?” We hear some version of this question at least a couple times a week. After a few months in the consignment…


Confessions of a Struggling Consignment Shop Owner

consignment shop

We all Struggle… I had just hired a new staff member at my consignment shop and it was within my first 6 months of business. She was a college student inexperienced in dealing with the range of people you get in a retail environment. I had to run a few errands, which would require her…


Personality Profiling in Your Consignment Business

Personality Profiling in the Consignment Business

I hired her to manage our online presence. She was fun, outgoing, sociable, and inspiring. I thought that would translate well to our social media and web outlets. What I failed to assess was her motivation to see results. In her short tenure at our consignment store, she lived up to her personality profile.  She…


Tips for Inventory Screening in Consignment

tips for inventory screening in consignment

She was not only 85 years old, but was also a dear neighbor of mine. She called the store and left a message for me to stop by her house and see if I could help her liquidate some things as she was about to transition to a care home. My heart sunk because I knew…


Consignment Contract: The Key to Satisfied Consignors

consignment contract consignor contract

She walked in on a Monday morning after a long hard weekend trying to manage family issues that were unmanageable.  Her son, in his early twenties, had been arrested for a DUI and she had to bail him out of jail… again. She was broke and it was coming up on consignor payout day at…


Managing the Markdown Schedule

managing markdown schedule

Managing the Markdown Schedule in Your Consignment Store Having been in the consignment business for several years, you would think that I have heard of every markdown schedule out there.  Well, today I was introduced to one that I haven’t heard before!  In a casual conversation at a business meeting, a gentleman told me that his…


The Tracking Tool that Changed the Way I Do Consignment

the tracking tool that changed the way I do consignment

Before I share with you the tracking tool that changed the way I do consignment, let me tell you a short story. I am committed to resale. My entire family is committed to resale. I depend on it as the primary source of income for my family. I also depend on it to keep our…


Book Review: The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni

the advantage by patrick lencioni

Over the course of the past 8 years, I have become enthralled with Patrick Lencioni’s (pronounced Lin-choni’s) series of parables for the business leader. These easy to read, engaging short stories lay out principles that will help a business and it’s leaders become healthy. The first book I read in Pat’s series was”The Five Dysfunctions of…