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Hi, my name is Kevin Beasley and I am the founder of New Leaf Furniture Consignment Galleries, a successful resale store in Auburn, Alabama.  I am inspired to help resale business owners and operators around the country makeover their shops.  As together we sophisticate and systematize our resale shops our industry will thrive.

I believe the resale industry can change the way we do business by keeping resources at home and relinquishing our dependence on big box companies and other countries.  Resale shops can serve to improve the places where we live by transforming towns into communities and strangers into friends.

If you are a resale shop owner or have a desire to start a resale shop, this is the place for you!  Together, let’s refuse to let resale play second fiddle and work to see it rise to the top as a legitimate strategy for business for small towns and large towns alike.
  • Vaughn Family Farm

    Hey Kevin,

    This is what I’m attempting in Buena Vista. I am mostly selling merchandise, belonging to someone else, on-line: ebay and craiglist, maybe amazon soon. As soon as I can clear out enough space I have plans to open a shop/showroom — as well as some other ideas swirling around.

  • That’s really cool Bryant! We have been very successful at our consignment shop. Just moved to a larger location in November and doing well. When you get over to Auburn, stop in and let’s chat. Our regular site is We do moderately well online, but haven’t quite got it where we’d like to be.